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The Gurkha’s Knife – The Khukri

The Khukri is a solitary edge contour knife made use of for any kind of activities that involve slashing. It is the nationwide weapon and pride of Nepal and likewise the famous identity of the fabled Gurkhas. It is a standard issued knife to the different Gurkha/Gorkha regiments in Britain and India and Nepalese national

Vicky Zhou’s Top 6 Wardrobe Staples

Hey it’s Vie and welcome to my little fashion corner. Today we have a very special guest-writer, Ms. Vicky Zhou. Vicky is a blogger, writer, author and women lifestyle expert. You can read more of her stuff on beauty and hairstyle. In the meantime, enjoy! Top 6 Wardrobe Staples You Need While you definitely should

What You Should Know About Recliners

Some of the great and nifty perks that we enjoy today are all as a result of the ever-advancing technology. And today we can enjoy every day to day experience right in our homes with modern technology making life easier. One of the household items that have advanced greatly with technology is the recliner chair.