Watch Out For These Web Shopping Cart Software Catches

Everyone loves a good deal but at the back of our minds, we will always want to know what is the catch behind some of these irresistible deals. These are some of the web shopping cart software catches that you need to watch out for.Cheap Price, Limited FeaturesWho can resist cheap prices? That is why we are always attracted to sales. But when it comes to choosing a suitable shopping cart software to run your entire business, you need to know all the details about what is being offered and whether the subscription price is cheap or expensive. Most people will be drawn to cheap shopping carts and when it comes to these type of carts, it is advisable that you check out what are the features that are being offered to you. Some providers may cut down on the features offered but you need to see whether these features are vital to your business or not. It is fine if they are not but most of the time, you may have to end up paying more money to use these features later on if they are not included in your cart.

Too Little Disk Space And SpeedAlways remember to check what is the amount of disk space and bandwidth speed that is being offered by hosted shopping cart providers. While you could have a very impressive shopping cart, it is of no use if you have very little disk space and slow bandwidth speed to work with as it will frustrate you to no end. And of course, you may have to end up paying for more disk space and bandwidth speed if your online store is crawling causing customers to be frustrated with the loading time. If it causes frequent time outs, customers may not want to do business with you fearing for security breaches or they are just plain frustrated.Chargeable Technical SupportThis will probably be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Since you will need to pay monthly subscription fees, the service provider should not be charging you for contacting their technical support. Because as a merchant, you may run into problems with your online store that you really need help with and contacting your shopping cart provider asking for help is normal as long as you don’t ask them to set up your entire online store for you. Now imagine that you did not know this and when you run into problems, you discovered that you had to pay a substantial amount just to contact technical support. How mad would you get?

SummarySo merchants and new users who are considering to set up your online store or even moving to a new shopping cart service provider should consider these areas to watch out for. You don’t want to end up having to pay more or getting angry when you need help the most.