Degenerative Disease (Diabetes): Can It Be Cured

Diabetes, also called as the silent killer, in today’s era embracing junk food and uneven lifestyle people are more prone to this disease. Diabetes often goes untreated for a long time and that’s the reason why it is called the silent killer. People living with it generally don’t even know about it and ignore the symptoms that in turns to fatal disease like hypertension.

Sometimes pre-diabetic people don’t have an idea that they are on the verge of getting diabetes. Even those who know they are diabetic ignore the seriousness of it. Online pharmacy, in a record, is found to have ordered more of diabetes and hypertension medicines. Canadian Pharmacy where one can have prescribed and non-prescribed medications at low cost. Diabetes is not a disease that is inevitable.

The biggest danger of the disease is its ignorance. People are unaware of illness that arises when one doesn’t take insulin. Before going for the sugar binge diabetic people must take extra pills and this really frustrates the loved ones. There is a misconception that people die from diabetes but they actually die from the complications.

There are various natural methods to recover from diabetes. There are two types of diabetes, diabetes 1 and diabetes2. Diabetes 1 includes individual dependent on insulin while diabetes 2 deals with non- insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. People are diabetic when lack of insulin production by the cells of the pancreas. Most of the doctors don’t tell you about the pathology or cause of the health.

In Diabetic patient lack of insulin leads to the stoppage of sugar digestion and because of this sugar is not converted into energy. Sugar gets converted into fats and cause obesity. Obesity means deposition of fats and ultimately leads to hypertension, and hampers the blood circulation.

And the poor blood circulation stops the blood, oxygen, and minerals to the body mainly extremities like legs and hands. This cause the feet and hands called diabetics to turn blue gangrene. The last choice for the doctor’s remains is the amputation of the particular part.

Once this condition arises doctors prescribe the pharmaceutical grade drugs and they are more acidic. The synthetic insulin that doctors prescribe mainly makes the blood thin and ultimately leads to stroke. This is all that happens when one suffers from diabetes. No allopathic medications help in curing diabetes. Many of the natural remedies are the true medicines for such disease.

There are various signs and symptoms that can help one to diagnose that it’s the alarming sign of diabetes.

  • Polyuria- waking up more frequently at night
  • Polydipsia- feeling thirsty always and drink frequently than before
  • Polyphagia- the feeling of hunger and frequent eating
  • Weight loose- if you are losing weight, you may do well to have a health checkup

Nothing is impossible in this world, so why you think that it’s very difficult to fight diabetes. Dedication and proper treatment and awareness make it easy and make you free from diabetes like diseases.