Online Ecommerce Platform for Canvas and Acrylic Wall Art | Drawings by KatiaSkye

Katia Skye is a famous drawing artist. These drawings are some of her masterpieces printed on an acrylic sheet and is a wonderful piece of art. Not only this particular work of art but you may also check out all the other portraits and drawings on the official site of Katia Skye and order a print version of it on acrylic canvas.

This drawing portrays a cool, mesmerizing sunset scene on hilly terrain. The hues of orange and dusk grey create a serene and calming effect. The picturesque scenery is a visual treat for lovers of art. The acrylic print wall art of the drawings relaxes your nerves after a busy day and has a rejuvenating effect on your senses.

You can also find all her drawings with beautiful scenery on the website. Choose the one that goes with the theme of your room and gives the space a modern and contemporary appearance.

Style is your way

You can highlight this beautiful picture by using focus lights and some texture on the wall surrounding it. Your friends and guests will appreciate your taste. You will not require any frame or extra fixtures to hang this drawing as it already comes with hardware that can be used to fix it on any wall surface.

The exotic charm of a remote hillside village is the main theme of this drawing. The long fencing makes the picture more vibrant and lively. You can decorate your home with this wonderful creation.  The living area, dining space bedroom, or study will show off your excellent choice of art and add charm to the area.

You can also gift these drawings to your friends and family or even office colleagues. It makes an amazing gift for different occasions and they will be impressed with your choice in art.

Details, dimensions, and delivery

You can order any picture according to your requirements. It is available in different dimensions. Just mention your required size under the ‘note to the seller’ section. You may even change its orientation from landscape to portrait. The drawing will be customized by Katia Skye perfectly according to your specifications. The shipping of this printed drawing is done by DHL, FedEx, and UPS. They are experts in handling parcels with great care. So after we receive your order you can be sure about the delivery at your doorstep.

The package comes in a Thermocol box to avoid any damage. You will find a packet that contains hardware like bolts. This helps you to fix the picture in place. There is brown paper which you will have to peel off carefully. Do not use any sharp instruments to peel the brown paper instead you can use your hands. Katia Skye assures you a top-quality product that you will be delighted to show off to your guests.