We’re both ironing and using an ironing board

We’re both ironing and using an ironing board. Why would we ever consider buying a home steamer to replace our existing appliances or complement them? Home steamers have advantages that are impossible to ignore over an iron and ironing board.

Home steamers typically take up less space, stand alone, are easier to use, safely handle a larger set of materials, and can exceed most iron. You need to do proper research before purchasing the best garment steamer.

It wasn’t that long ago that in laundries and dry cleaners you would only find a fully capable clothes steamer. In recent years, this has changed significantly as the price point has plummeted to where most households can afford them.

Home Clothes Steamer Specifications

The main specifications and features of a reasonably fitted unit must be followed by any description of home steamers. These are the criteria and characteristics on which to base your purchase decision.

Energy (Watts)

You’re just talking about how many watts a home steamer generates when talking about energy. Watts is equal to some degree of heat, and higher wattage home steamers will produce steam faster from the water reservoir of the steamer. More power will also produce a more powerful steam stream that translates into the ability to handle a wider range of fabrics and better performance. Lower wattage tools may not remove all the wrinkles from harder fabrics such as denim.

Water Capacity

Water reservoir capacity is a direct translation of how long you can steam and how many clothes you can steam. The more sweat, the longer you can steam, and the more clothes you can steam, the equivalent of everything else. This is because the larger the reservoir will last the longer the steam. If you want to steam several garments or large areas of cloth such as drapes and curtains, find a larger reservoir.

Steam Production Time

Usually a higher wattage unit can produce steam faster than a lower wattage unit. If you’re in a rush or just an impatient person, this can be useful. So if you describe your actions as “impatient,” you can choose a steamer with more wattage and a shorter reported steam time. In less than a minute, many common home steamers can generate steam.

Steam Cycle Time

Steamer wattage and the size of the water reservoir decide the cycle of the steam. A more efficient steamer with more watts would create a more powerful stream, but the water in the reservoir will also be used more quickly. Be sure to match the steam duration time with your expectations if you want faster performance so that you can complete your tasks in one session. To fit a larger reservoir, this may mean larger dimensions.


On your ride with you, you don’t expect to bring a home steamer in your suitcase. Even so, the house’s portability is still relevant. Dimensions, weight and portability characteristics are important considerations of portability. A set of wheels is the most common feature of a home steamer adding to portability. If you need to push your home steamer to your steaming location (bedroom) some distance from your storage location (closet), you should make sure that such wheels have ample portability features.


The home steamer is easy to store? The good news is that most home steamers are now small enough that they can be stored relatively easily. If they have an embedded garment hanger, you can find that they are larger than you expected, but for the most part they are squat and narrow. They can normally be packed conveniently in the corner of a bedroom or wardrobe. It is even easier to store units with collapseable garment hangers. Do you have a place for the steamer to store? When making your decision, think about that.

Cord Length

Apart from cord length portability, you have to consider where to plug in your home steamer. The power cord length is important, especially if there is limited availability of outlets in your home. Choose a device with a longer power cord if you need durability.

Important: You are highly discouraged from using any kind of extension cord with a high-powered device such as a steamer for clothing. Thanks to a hot cord or electrical overload, the risk of fire and burns is a real possibility you want to avoid at all costs.

Home Clothes Steamer Key Features

In addition to the key requirements you should be searching for, there are some features that can make your life easier by using your clothes steamer. Look at some of the key features:

Garment Hanger

Many home garment steamers are either fitted with a fixed or collapse hanger. They make a convenient alternative to hanging your clothes somewhere in your house on a closet door or other hanger. If this alternative is important to you, make sure you use that feature to select a unit.

Fabric Brush and Accessories

Many home clothing steamers usually come with a range of accessories including a fabric brush. The brush of fabric is helpful in removing lint from your clothes when steaming and cleaning your clothes fabric.


If all other features and requirements are equivalent, longer warranty may be the determining factor in your decision. You can note that the duration of the warranty differ from manufacturer to supplier and can be anywhere from 90 days up to 5 years. Search for a one year or more warranty on a steamer’s home clothing.

I hope this article will give you useful information to help you choose a home clothing steamer.

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