Protect Your Eyes and Look Good Doing It!

Look good and be protected all at the same time..

The world is full of changes and in the world of technology, it is always changing. But like always, it is always up to us to find out which technology out there is a good fit for us or not. The entire purpose of tech products is either to make a task easier, save us money, save us time or to just better protect us.

What are UV Blocking Shades or Glasses:

When it comes to uv blocking glasses there all different types of them out there. What I want to do is to help you better understand what they are and how they will better benefit you in your life. The purpose of these glasses is not to protect you from the sun or uv’s submitted by the sun, even though they sound like they should, at this site, they address this subject from a great angle. These types of glasses are to protect from what we call “Blue Light”. So, if you can find a pair that looks good on you, then it’s a win, win.

What is Blue Light:

These glasses help protect you from is something that we call Blue light, that is emitted from devices or laptops that we use day in and day out. Most people don’t realize the amount of time that the average person uses in front of a device, but the truth is 1 in 10 people spend 12hrs in front of a device that emits blue light. Blue light is emitted from monitors, LCDs or any other type of device screening that emit a specter of light that can damage our eyes after a certain amount of exposure, they have very informative information on this exact subject on this site.¬†An example of how blue light is harmful and how the damaging process works would be this. In the daytime, our eyes adjust to the sunlight, and at night our eyes adjust to the nighttime or the darkness. Well if we are using our device, let’s say at night when our eyes are adjusted to the darkness, they don’t actually adjust to the device that is bright, it just strains in order to see what’s on the device. This blue light emission has been known to prevent sleep and affect our vision.

The Benefit:

They function and look like normal glasses, especially their style. Easy to carry around and use with a case. They have no harmful effect from wearing in a long-term manner. They work with “blue light minimizing software”. They help anyone who uses devices gain longer sleep periods bases off of studies. Also helps with neck and back staining because of not having to lean back from the brightness that can be emitted from the screens on our devices. For the person who is on a device may be for their career or maybe they just spend a lot of time online, these definitely will help you be more productive with your work and help you enjoy your life away from the device a little bit more because of the reduction in stress and straining the device can give you.