“Diamonds are a girl’s best friends,” Marilyn Monroe once sang, but silver jewelery is clearly in vogue. No wonder silver necklaces are becoming increasingly popular as wedding jewelry. The best day of your life should be unforgettable: tasteful and subtly selected jewelery puts the bride and groom in the perfect spotlight and sets brilliant accents for a successful start in life for two.

Before the bride finds her Nico Mari Ring Designs from the filled treasure chest, it can be noted that even men can wear silver jewelery and that the bride and groom could decide on a common form that demonstrates their common path visually through the chosen silver jewelery.

What should you pay particular attention to when choosing silver jewelry?

Less is more true of wedding jewelry in any case and there are other things to consider. The bride’s jewelry made of shiny silver should match the chosen wedding dress and gently emphasize it. Too much to the beautiful bride distracts from the actual star of the day. Of course, it also depends on the bride’s taste, whether she likes to lavish on the wedding dress, or on carefully chosen accessories such as a necklace or delicate clips that bring out her precious undo. That may be frugal, but the effect is all the more elegant. A fine necklace, which is kept in the family of the bride for the wedding is just as suitable as newly purchased silver jewelry, which awakes every day beautiful memories of this day.

Silver jewelry for the wedding according to the motto: do not spill, paddle

If you do not want to do without the complete ensemble of wedding jewelry for your ear, neck and arm, you will choose a suitable jewelery set. Due to the individual vote, the trio is understated in the execution and should adorn the happy bride with a high-quality jewelry set. When choosing the sparkling silver jewelry must decide bride: Should it be the impressive set or rather less, but more sequins and pearls on the wedding dress, the handbag or the indispensable hair jewelry? In other words, the more subtle the bridal gown and the bridal bouquet are, the more noticeable the wedding jewelry can be. Before the decision becomes too difficult, the bride should simply rely on her feeling and reflect on it, how she dresses and decorates herself otherwise. A bit more on the occasion of the wedding is okay, but it should always match the person wearing the wedding jewelry. With a little patience and tact can be found the matching silver jewelry. Especially beautiful are pieces of jewelery, which are kept tone on tone or adapt optimally to the bridal gown in form and color. So the chosen jewelry looks perfect and does not give the impression for a second that the bride has perhaps charged too much.

Tradition or new values: silver jewelery is individual and multifaceted

Which necklace should it be, because the offer of silver jewelery is versatile and ranges from tender execution as king chain, figaro chain for brides, who like it extravagant or snake chains, which underline the gentleness and tenderness of the bride. Not to mention the well-known wedding custom, in which the bride needs something blue, something borrowed, something new and something old. In order to make the necklace or chain look their best, it is advisable to adjust the length and size. Long chains only look great with a deep décolleté and skillfully set beautiful accents with correctly chosen silver jewelery.


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