Ideas of Baby Changing Bags For Men

Nowadays it’s already normal to see guys carrying baby changing bags in one arm and their babies in another. Society is beginning to accept the idea of men taking care of the kids, doing the house chores while their wives are out working, earning the money to pay the bills. Sometimes, the men are working in their home offices, so they get to take care of the kids, too. They call these new breed of men “house-bands”. That is not a derogatory name, mind you. For women and “house-bands” will tell you, taking care of the kids can be so hard, it’s no longer advisable for the wives to do them.Although these men don’t mind taking care of the kids, one thing that they do hate is carrying “feminine” looking baby changing bags in public. Carrying the baby is not something they feel ashamed of, but carrying the girly bag does. Even though our society has already accepted this type of arrangement between husbands and wives, the market for baby changing bags, unfortunately, is slow to catch up with the idea. And not just for nappy bags, but for the other things that a baby might need. All the ads and commercials we see are aimed at mothers. How about the dads? Talk about gender equality, right?

Fortunately these days, there are already some choices out there. Dads just have to know which are the right ones for them and there are choices out there. One of the most popular choices these days are backpack-type nappy bags. Men are very familiar with backpacks. It’s their choice of bag when they were still in school. They also associate backpacks with camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. All of these are territories of the alpha male. So having a backpack nappy changing bag would be perfect for them, although this type of bag doesn’t have as much room as the normal baby changing bags. That’s alright though, men are easy to please.We also see men carrying laptop bags. Or are they really laptop bags? Another choice for a dad is a messenger type of bag. This kind of nappy changing bag is also very fitting for men who take care of their babies. There are designs out there that don’t look too girly, but resemble professional-looking laptop bags. Messenger bags can also carry more compared to backpack nappy bags. But the size of the bag depends on where will you use it and for how long. There’s no point in carrying a big baby changing bag when you’ll be out with the baby on a morning walk around the park.

They say people change, we evolve and we adapt to our surroundings. If today’s domestic situation calls for men to stay at home, there’s really nothing wrong with that. Men can cook, men can clean the house and most definitely, men can take care of their babies. All they really need is the right “tool” to help them make their job easier. Like having the right baby changing bags, be it the backpack type that men loved since their younger days, or the messenger type for a more professional-looking get up. Men can live with that. Just as long as they are not in girly colors, right?