Sales of Man Bags Are on the Increase – Is it Now Fashionable to Carry a Man Bag?

Ten years ago the only items a man would carry around were cigarettes, lighter and a wallet all of which would easily fit in a pocket. How different today’s man is! Although cigarettes may not be carried around by as many men these days the number of items and accessories that have replaced them is mind boggling.A brief survey of 5 men in London recently who were all carrying Man Bags unearthed the following array – mobile phone, MP3 player, headphones, laptop, wallet, hair gel, hair straighteners, chewing gum, taxi receipts, notepad, pen, paracetamol, menthol tissues, fold-away umbrella, sunglasses, iPod 2-way connector, bottle opener, phone charger, banana, digital camera, plastic bags, USB stick, bottle of water, magazine and keys.

It would seem that maybe it’s not just a case of whether it’s fashionable to carry a Man Bag. It could well be a necessity for today’s modern man. It would seem that there is simply no way the average male can carry all his accessories and gadgets in his coat and trouser pockets. That may be where the problem lies? We are now a gadget mad civilisation where mobile communication means so much. Many men would feel semi-naked if they didn’t have their mobile phone and laptop permanently at hand and a carry bag of some kind is definitely a requirement.

Perhaps 3 or 4 years ago a simple backpack would have sufficed but fashion has confined this type of bag to the nerds and geeks of society. To be up to date you have to have some form of Man Bag.