5 types of Bra’s to enhance one’s appeal

Now there is a saying, a woman is as beautiful from the outside as from the inside. Well, it does hold true in case of apparels. A proper fitted inner wear enhances the appeal of the outer garments, making them look beautiful with confidence. However, a proper lingerie shopping requires a good knowledge since a variety of options is available in the market today. A little idea about the variants can help to choose the proper one, ensuring the comfort quotient while looking ones best.


Lingerie shopping can be a little awkward, hence one of the best solutions can be to shop from online portals that offer doorstep delivery. Acchajee.in boasts of an array of options to select from and with just a few clicks by selecting the type and size, one can easily place the order. One vital thing to remember is to be sure about the size of the lingerie. Since, poorly fitted lingerie can hamper the entire look in addition to making one uncomfortable, it is quintessential to have the correct size before shopping for them. Once the size is known, the next step is to choose the type that best suits them. Here are some of the types which are quite popular:

·         Push up Bra’s– As the name suggests, these items are designed in a manner that pushes up the bust closer to each other, forming a sensuous cleavage. Sometimes, there are also known as anti-sagging bras since they help to prevent the sagginess, which is a common problem in most women after childbirth. At Achhajee.com, one can find push up bras with gentle, moderate or even strong push up option. So, one can easily choose the one that suits them.



·         Padded bra’s-A very comfortable and supportive lingerie, padded bras are a must have in every girl’s wardrobe. They come in wired as well as non-wired version. A little variation of the padded bras is the T-shirt bras, which are padded as well as seamless, to help wear fitted clothes with ease with no show.

·         Convertible Bra’s– For the stylish ones who want to save their pocket money, convertible bras are apt. They generally come with detachable hook, which allows the straps to be detached easily. Hence, one can easily form, a strapless, cross strap or even one strap with ease. They are ideal when a range of tops or dresses needs to be worn.



·         Balconette Bra– Ideal for dresses that have a plunging neckline, balconette bra comes with cups that are arranged horizontally. The straps are widely placed, and the design is such that it helps to give the bust a rounded view. All the more, they are delicate pieces and one can easily wear it under any deep neckline apparel.

·         Sports Bra– For those who are fitness freak, a sports bra is truly a blessing. Designed in a sturdier manner, it provides extra support to the bust, and helps to keep them fixed no matter how agile the movement is. Ideal for fitness routines, slip them under your gym outfits and enjoy your workouts.

So, select the type that suits your body the best and flaunt yourself with confidence.