Discover 5 internet sites to get free stuff

Internet makes our life much simpler and allows us to enjoy incredible moments, because it lets us connect with what we like the most. And the best thing is that we have access to many of those things for free thanks to certain Internet sites.

The book that you like so much, your favorite song, an application for your cell phone … there are many things that we can get without paying a single peso. And we are not referring only to entertainment, because there are Internet pages that provide us with valuable services and information, all for free. Here we show you five good options for free stuff.


In barter you can go back to the old time, when money did not exist and things were exchanged for other things. From this page you can get those products that you want or need and in exchange, get rid of what you do not want to have but someone else is looking for.


If you have nothing to offer but you need something, Te Lo Doy is the best option. On this page there are many caring people who give away things they no longer use, without asking for anything in return. Here you can take home what you want, as long as you comply with the conditions established on the web.

  1. GOG

If you are one of those who love videogames, on this website you will find endless games. You can try the ones you want and install the ones that seem best to you. But something that you will love and that few pages offer is that it has no download limit. To have access to all this, you just have to register.

  1. Gutenberg Project

It is one of the best options for reading fans. It is a project that shows a collection of public domain books. Among its collection you will find very old books, classic titles that you would like to read again, and of course, those that are very difficult to obtain.

  1. Icofinder

If you are a designer and you spend it suffering in the search of logos to make your designs, with Icofinder you can make the work easier. You just have to give a good review to the page to find and get the logos you need and download them with the resolution and size you prefer.

We are fans of helping you find solutions and we also love listening to you. If you know other Internet sites that offer free benefits, do not hesitate to tell us what they are.