How to style a maxi dress with heels

Choosing a great dress is one thing, but the issue of what kind of footwear will go best with your new purchase is quite another. This is a popular conundrum facing maxi dress fans, especially those who want to team theirs with heels rather than flat sandals. How exactly do you style a maxi dress with heels?

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Tip 1 – Get the dress length right first

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The absolutely perfect length for maxi dresses, when worn with heels, is exactly 2.5cm (one inch) off the ground. This maintains the style but avoids you tripping over a trailing hemline.

Tip 2 – Match the shoe style to the maxi dress style

There are lots of shoe designs that sport heels, but not all of them will suit every style of maxi dress. More casual types of maxi-length dresses look amazing with wedges, whether on a shoe or a sandal. You could even throw on a cardigan and some stylish chunky-heeled boots for a late spring/early autumn weekend look. If your maxi dress is a more formal style, strappy, heeled sandals always match up well, as would a more formal wedge heel.

Tip 3 – Keep colour in mind

Nude heels are a definite wardrobe staple. They can be worn again and again at more formal events, such as award ceremonies or cocktail parties, and look stunning with maxi dresses of all styles and colours.

Take a look at a range such as AX Paris maxi dresses for ideas and inspiration. For occasions such as weddings or garden parties, you can colour coordinate your heels to your dress, going either for the same exact shade or something from the same colour palette.

Tip 4 – Don’t forget your own comfort and style

Not everyone wears heels often enough to feel instantly comfortable in them, so it makes sense to look at the various types of heeled shoes and sandals around before making a decision on which is best for you. Stiletto heels can be a fairly major challenge until you really get used to wearing them; in fact, they will never feel solid enough to really work for some people. On the other hand, wedge heels or chunky-heeled shoes, sandals and boots can make wearers feel much more stable and secure.