The Gurkha’s Knife – The Khukri

The Khukri is a solitary edge contour knife made use of for any kind of activities that involve slashing. It is the nationwide weapon and pride of Nepal and likewise the famous identity of the fabled Gurkhas. It is a standard issued knife to the different Gurkha/Gorkha regiments in Britain and India and Nepalese national army.

The Gurkha Blade

Since the Khukri has always been in the hand of Gurkha and officially given to them it is called the Gurkha blade. A Khukri and Gurkha have flesh and blood relationship because their origin long time back. One is unfinished without the other thus we put them with each other as “Gurkha Knife”.

Every Gurkha carries a Khukri with them at all times. In fact, they have been known to whip it out in the middle of battle when hand to hand combat situations break out. Furthermore, there is a myth that once drawn, a Gurkha must spill blood with the Khukri before it can be sheathed.

Given that Gurkhas are employed in many countries in Asia as well as the UK, it is no surprise that the knife is well known in these regions. The Khukri is still a regularly held item in Oriental nations such as Nepal, Singapore, and Hong Kong– it’s still a common carry tool for Cops to this day.

A Little History

The earliest Khukri recognized to exist is the one on display at the National Museum in Kathmandu which came from Drabya Shah, the King of Gorkha in 1627 AD. It is, nonetheless, certain that the origins of the blade stretch further back, back to 2500 years.

The individuals behind the successful story of the blade are the “Bishwakarma” ethnic group who are likewise called the “Born Khukri Makers” who have been shaping the blades since several generations and still do so with much satisfaction and enjoyment.

Interestingly, this group forges completely handmade blades that are not immaculate but highly effective. So much so that when held in your hands, the Khukri has a nice weight to it, giving you a feel of power when raised.

It feels extremely strong and secure in hand, plus the steel blade is razor sharp, making cuts with ease. The outright capability of this knife to slash is fairly frightening, think of a craft knife that’s taken steroids and struck the fitness center for a year and you’ll get the idea!

Getting a Khukri for Yourself

While it is not possible to join the Gurkha corps as that has a birth right limit, you can own their faithful weapon, the Khukri. Easily available online, being supplied by authentic Nepalese suppliers, why not purchase your Khukri online and have it delivered to your doorstep? Do however check on the regulations of your home country to ensure that the Khukri can be held by you.