Vicky Zhou’s Top 6 Wardrobe Staples

Hey it’s Vie and welcome to my little fashion corner. Today we have a very special guest-writer, Ms. Vicky Zhou. Vicky is a blogger, writer, author and women lifestyle expert. You can read more of her stuff on beauty and hairstyle. In the meantime, enjoy!

Top 6 Wardrobe Staples You Need

While you definitely should be trying to design your own unique individual style when it comes to dressing, there are some key staples that every woman should have in her wardrobe in order to create an attractive and timeless look. The following pieces can easily be matched with other items you have to help create different styles, depending on what the situation calls for.

Remember too that when purchasing these pieces, it is better to spend a little more money to ensure you get good quality rather than sacrificing and ending up with something that doesn’t quite work. Additionally, the better these pieces fit, the better your overall look will appear and the longer each item will last. So, have a thorough look over this list and make sure you have every item in your closet. If you don’t, work on building these pieces into your shopping budget before going out and purchasing any more trendy pieces that only last as long as the season.

A Good Trench Coat

A trench coat can be worn multiple ways and will really help to polish off your look. It looks much more classy, particularly when it’s made of good-quality material than some of the cheaper jacket options out there. It’s going to be best to go with a more neutral colour of coat to help ease the color-matching process, so tend to lean towards black, chocolate, navy, or beige.

Some Knitwear

For those days that are slightly cooler, you want something that will keep you warm but look fashionable at the same time. This is precisely where knitwear comes into play. The best type will be cashmere, however, this is also going to be the priciest. Choose a classic looking V-neck, as well as a turtleneck. Both pieces are elegant and can look very sexy when paired with a necklace, some fancy Balenciaga sunglasses or a classic updo respectively.

The Cocktail Dress

Think you need to lose that last ten pounds before you finally get around to purchasing yourself that cocktail dress? Think again. There is no better time than now to get that dress that will enhance your positive features while minimizing those that you need to work on. Every woman deserves to feel sexy, regardless of her current size and taking pride in your looks right now will only further motivate you to continue to make positive changes in the future regarding this. If you are that concerned over your current appearance, consider investing in a good wrap that will match the dress perfectly. This will help to further hide your flaws and boost your confidence when it comes to wearing the dress.

A Crisp White Shirt

The next item on the list that you should be purchasing is a crisp white-collared shirt. This can be used in a variety of ways; worn alone along with a pair of jeans or a form fitting skirt, or else underneath a jacket or vest to give a very polished and refined look.

The Perfect Pair Of Jeans

Taking the time when shopping to hunt down a pair of jeans that you both feel comfortable in and that make you look great is well worth your time and effort. Jeans are the classic standby that can either be dressed up or dressed down, but they will only be really effective if you are absolutely comfortable in them. When you are uncomfortable in the clothes you are wearing, it shows tremendously in your body language and how you hold yourself.

Do note that when selecting this pair of jeans, you should stay away from anything that is faded, embroidered, or has a very strong hemline. All of these will limit the different looks you can achieve with the jeans and should be left for when you are searching for more trendy pieces of clothing. Opt instead for something that’s preferably darker in colour, and is either boot-cut or straight leg.

An A-Line Skirt

Selecting an a-line skirt to be part of your wardrobe is a must for wearing both at the office and while you’re out attending more formal functions. These are very flattering to most body shapes, so will also do your body great justice. Try and again stick with more neutral colours; beige, brown, and black are all great choices.

So, be sure you have included these key six pieces in your wardrobe. Don’t feel limited to purchasing just one of each either. It’s a great idea to have a few pairs of jeans in different shades of denim for instance, to match your mood and the top you are wearing. Light denim can definitely look classy when paired with the right shirt.

As long as you have these covered though, you’ll be taking the first step to ensuring you always look your best.

Thanks for sharing with us, Vicky!