What You Should Know About Recliners

Some of the great and nifty perks that we enjoy today are all as a result of the ever-advancing technology. And today we can enjoy every day to day experience right in our homes with modern technology making life easier. One of the household items that have advanced greatly with technology is the recliner chair. This great and comfortable armchair has seen years of transformation including the ability to offer a great massage. This is one of the great household furniture that has greatly been transformed by technology today.

And because today we have a variety to pick from in the market, it is always best to know which one suits your needs. For this reason, we have made work easier for you by compiling the following list

Types of Recliners

  1. Classic Recliner

This is the traditional recliner with a simple design. This is the most popular recliner in most living rooms. You have the option to move the backrest forward or backwards and this will need an extra 3feet of space behind to use this reclining feature. You can also elevate the footrest horizontally.

  1. Rocker Recliner

As the name implies, the chair has a built-in design that offers an option of rocking. Meaning it is not only a recliner, but it can also double as a rocking chair. It’s a great option for mothers and their newborns to bond and fall asleep. One advantage is that it is more comfortable than a wooden rocking chair.

  1. Power Recliner

These reclining chairs use an electrically powered mechanism to adjust the seat. The traditional lever mechanism had a slight issue when it comes to positioning it right. This one, however, becomes a solution to this issue by offering more versatility and more control. Meaning using it is much easier and smooth.

  1. Push-back Recliner

This is a recent iteration with more advanced features and sleeker appearance. This one has no buttons or levers, instead, it automatically reclines. All that is required is a bit of pressure to push on the seat back. With enough force on the backrest, it automatically adjusts to the desired position.

  1. Glider Recliner

This kind of recliner has a little similarity with the rocker option. They too can double as rocking chairs. The difference is that it has a straight design that allows you to sway back and forth, instead of an arching path design.

  1. Lift Recliner

This type of recliner is great for the elderly. It is designed to help those with difficulty in getting u from their seats. It has a mechanism that enables it’s to lift from a flat position to an upright angle, which in turn aids you to stand. This recliner is great for the elderly, those with weak knees, hips and other conditions that make it difficult to get up easily.


Recliners are great for optimum relaxation at home. They are made with mechanisms that enable adjustments of the backrest, footrest, and headrest. And the best part about modern recliners is that there are added features that offer functionality like vibration, rocking and features to simulate massage.


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