American Express Credit Card

The American Express credit card is accepted at places that accept major credit cards. There is no annual fee and there is a zero percent APR. You can use the credit card and earn rewards that can be applied to travel discounts. American Express offers Premium Rewards cards, Reward cards, Air Travel Rewards cards and Hotel Rewards cards. There are also Cash Back and Saving Reward cards. You can choose the card that is right for your needs.Premium Rewards cardsThese cards come with different lines of credit. There is the Preferred Rewards Green Card, Gold Card, Rewards Plus American Express Gold Card and the Platinum Card. The Platinum Card allows you to have the VIP treatment. You earn one point for every dollar you use the card for and you earn four points for shopping at the BonusPointsMall and double points at American Express Travel. The Gold Card, Rewards Plus Gold and the Green Card allow you to earn one point for every dollar you charge and earn three points at the BonusPointsMall.

Rewards and Cash Back CardsThere are two rewards cards. They are the blue and the clear cards from American Express. The cash back and saving rewards cards are the Blue Cash and the TrueEarnings Card from American Express and Costco.The Rewards Clear card allows you to earn a twenty-five dollar shopping card for every twenty-five hundred dollars you spend. The Rewards Blue card allows you to earn one point for every dollar you charge and three points for shopping at the BonusPointMall.The cash back Blue Cash card earns five percent cash back, has no annual fee, and offers unlimited rewards. The TrueEarnings card earns three percent cash back for restaurants and gasoline and so much more. These are the best American Express credit cards.Air Travel Reward Cards and Hotel Rewards CardsThe air travel rewards cards are Blue Sky, Gold Delta Skylines, Premium Delta Skylines, Delta Reserve card and the JetBlue card. The hotel rewards cards are the Hilton HHonors Card and the Starwood Preferred Guest card.The Delta Reserve card earns you one mile for every dollar you charge. The Platinum Card earns one mile for every dollar you charge and the Gold Delta earns double points on every Delta purchase and one mile for every dollar charged. The JetBlue card earns one award dollar for every dollar charged and double award dollars for dining, travel, leisure and entertainment dollar charged.

The Starwood Card earns a Starpoint for every dollar spent and double points for staying at Starwood resorts. The Hilton HHonors Card earns six HHonor points for every dollar that is eligible and any purchases at the Hilton hotels.If you need a charge card that earns you points or cash back, the American Express credit card is the one you need. There is a card for everyone and the rewards are an added bonus. All you have to do is apply for the right card and start using it to earn points or cash back.