Fundraising For School: Selling Discount Shopping Cards

Christmas is fast approaching. People will be on a shopping spree weeks before this time comes and they will be on a lookout for discounts. So, if you want to earn profits your school big time this holiday season, selling discount cards would be an excellent fundraiser idea for you to try out. Fundraising for school basically starts with choosing a good fundraiser idea to carry out.Doing fundraising for school by selling discount shopping cards is a really good thing to do especially if you are aiming for a lot of profit as to the reason that these things offer a good amount of revenue. In fact, a single discount shopping card can help you generate $10. In addition, sales for discount cards usually average at 10 per sales volunteer or seller, which is really quite high. If you try doing the math, you will end up earning $100 from each of your sellers. Moreover, discount cards are known to offer 80 percent to 90 percent profit margins. This lead them to being recognized as one of the most profitable products used in fundraising campaigns.

Selling discount cards is relatively simple because this is an immediate sale fundraiser, which means that you don’t have to deal with a lot of complexities in order for you to generate good amounts of money from these products. Aside from being really easy to sell, they can also offer you a good set of benefits. These include the fact that: they offer good value to your customers; and they produce really good results.What is a discount shopping card exactly? In case you don’t know yet, this is a wallet sized card that comes with a selection of prearranged discounts at different local and national merchants in your community. Most of these cards contain a dozen of different special offers that will help your customers save a fixed amount or a percentage discount. Since the Christmas season is usually known as the time when people go crazy for shopping because of the gifts that they need to buy as well as the things that they would like to reward themselves with, you will really get good profits if you offer people in your area discount cards.

On the part of your customers, discount cards will not only be good because of the huge discounts that they can provide but as well as because of the unlimited usage that they provide. Because of this amazing benefit, it won’t be a surprise if each of your sales volunteers make more than 10 sales.Advertise your fundraising campaign way ahead of time so that you can catch the attention of people in your community. In this way, they can buy from you and get you the profits that you need. When you advertise, be sure that you include the purpose why you need to raise money because this will inform your prospective customers of the help that they’ll be able to hand out by buying from you.