Creative Ways to Use Reusable Tote Bags for Marketing and Brand Promotion

In today’s competitive world, it is difficult for companies to catch customers attention for long enough to influence their buying decisions. Tele marketing, social media advertisement, banners, promotional events are some ways the companies use to gain advantage over their competitors.

However, most of the marketing strategies are expensive and require a lot of efforts. If you are looking for a cost-effective yet a creative way to influence buying decisions promotional tote bags could provide huge ROI. Custom Earth Promos is one place where can find promotional tote made from natural, reusable, and recyclable materials.

You can give away these attractive reusable bags at various malls, as online giveaways, or at trade shows. Many places have banned use of plastic bags and customers are always in dire need of reusable bags for all of their shopping experiences. So, in this way you are able to solve their day to day problem while ensuring that boosting your brand awareness at the same time.

Benefits of promotional bags and ways to use them for brand promotion

  1. Customise brand image:
  • Bags can be made from core material reflective of your company’s policies.
  • Choose colours and shapes of the bag to represent your brand.
  • Get your brand logo printed on the bags.
  1. Cost-effective marketing:
  • Bags can be purchased even at the lowest of marketing budgets.
  • You can easily ask wholesale bag producers to modify the material and size as per your set marketing costs.
  • If you purchase a large quantity of bags, per bag price goes down even more.
  1. Bags are versatile:
  • They can be used as giveaways for all sorts of events; from local fairs to big conferences.
  • They can also be purchased once and used as and when needed eliminating the need to re-plan before every promotional event.
  • From customer point of view, a strong, durable bag can be used for all their carrying and shopping needs.
  1. Bags are a source of continuous marketing:
  • Choose a bag size that is big enough to be used for grocery store visits so that your customer carries your brand image every time they visit the store.
  • It is the best possible way to reach many new customers without any additional cost.
  1. Recyclable bags are environmental friendly:
  • You can show that your company wants to take responsibility for the environment by making bags out of recyclable materials.
  • This can also build you a new niche market of customers who value their natural resources and wish to reduce waste production.

You can go one step ahead and create bags with an extra pocket or make them aesthetically pleasing to allow the customers to carry them even during travel and airport visits. You can add quotations or graphics apart from your brand name to accomplish the work. This will carry your brand image to a much wider audience.

Use reusable bags to promote your company while giving your customers something they will always look forward to. With most stores charging for reusable bags due to the ban placed on use of polythene bags free bags are always a plus point.