The Online Shopping Deals Guy

We all need to buy stuff online. It is simply a fact of our modern lives. I for one am so glad that I am not married to going out to the store for my goods (and on occasion services). Look I’m not going to stand here insulting the outdoors but why bother with them when you can get online shopping deals.Every year people, my family, my friends, my coworkers, rush home after Thanksgiving dinner with plans to get up and in to stores on Black Friday. But online shopping deals happen every day and I never have to worried about getting trampled by people desperate for a slightly discounted pair of headphones at Best Buy. It is not worth the loss of sleep, the trouble, or the potential medical bills after you get injured in the stampede. Honestly, I go to this one site where I’ve managed to get $50 headphones for less than $10. What’s better than all of that is the internet tells me exactly how much money I am saving so I can spout fancy assessments, like I just did, at will. Saving money is great and being able to brag about how much money I saved makes it even better. I used to save receipts to brag about savings, now I just send mass emails with bundles of links to savings for everyone I know!

It’s not just electronic deals either. There are great savings to be had on housewares, toys, even great jewelry deals if that’s what you are in to. And to be honest I am in to it all. Lately some people have said I may have an online shopping deal addiction, which is looking truer and truer as the mail carrier stacks piles of packages on my front porch. Honestly, though, I love getting mail. I remember being enamored with the amount of mail my parents used to receive. As I got older I realized it was mostly bills. For me, I get bills to my email which makes room for all the great stuff I’m ordering. While I’ve been typing I cork screw and a new cell phone, both at huge discounts! (Saved $40 on the cork screw and $50 on the cell phone for those keeping score.)

So that’s my deal. I’m the guy who hunts down online shopping deals like a hound dog. My friends have mostly come around on all of this. After all, those emails I send out save them quite a bit of money themselves.