Inspiration: What Do You Give Someone to Show They’re Special?

For some occasions, choosing the perfect gift is relatively simple. Newlywed couples are likely to love gifts for their home, and choosing a birthday gift for a nine-year-old girl can be fairly straightforward.

But what kind of gift can you give to someone to simply remind them that they’re special?

Figuring this out can be much more complicated because there isn’t one gift that will say the same “You’re special” to everyone who deserves to hear this beautiful message.

Still, it is possible to convey this feeling to the people you cherish. Here are some ways that you can do it.

Consider Something Handmade

Gifts are a complicated business. You never want to spend too much money or too little, and you never want the gift to feel dry or corporate.

That is why giving something handmade can be so sweet and sentimental.  

When you truly want to show that you care for someone and they are a special, unique person in your life, there’s really not many better ways than by making something for them from scratch.

Regardless of how creative or artistically talented you are, there are dozens of items you can create for that special person in your life:





          Small painting

          Photo book

          “Coupons” for special days out

          Memory book

Any of these ideas, when made with love, is sure to show someone just how special they are to you.

Consider Something of Sentimental Value

Another possible way to show someone that they are special is to choose a simple gift that conveys a greater, sentimental meaning. If you are giving a gift to say “thank you” or remind someone that you’re always nearby, this type of emotion-based gift is the best choice.

One such gift would be any of the many beautiful Willow Tree figurines.

These figurines are simple in construction. The faceless beings stand in unmovable poses, but each of the poses represents something greater such as love, thanks, compassion, hope, or imagination.

Consider what message your special person will find most inspiring, and considering giving them a figurine or some other sentimental item that will carry that greater message into their lives.

Consider Something You Love

One of the best ways to bond with someone is to share with them something that you love. It’s not a selfish act, but rather, it’s a way of bringing you both closer together. After all, why would you want to share something dear to you with someone if they weren’t incredibly special?

Think about some of the things that you love in life and believe that your friend would enjoy, too. Do you have a favourite drink you like to enjoy when you’re sad? Or a favourite movie you watch on rainy days?

There are dozens of little items – from books to tea to songs – that might not seem like much to give, but really, these small gifts carry the hugeness of your love.

If you choose to share a gift like this to remind someone how special they are, include a handwritten message that outlines what the items mean to you and why you want to share it.

This gift is sure to make your friend feel just how loved and special they are!