Coffee Shop Ideas – What to Think About

If you are looking for fresh coffee shop ideas or that killer coffee shop niche no one has found yet, then you are going to have to look hard! However, there are definitely some trends in the industry that might help guide you on your way.Recent experience tells us that sex sells! Among the top online searches for coffee shops is the Topless Coffee House that was opened in Maine. Now some of that is for pictures no doubt, but there is now a coffee retailer in Los Angeles where you can be served by bikini clad baristas. If you want publicity or marketing for your coffee shop ideas, a little flirty fun will attract attention.

Individual appeal does count. Recent market research suggests that people are sticking with their daily treat of a fresh coffee, but they are being slightly more discerning. Either they are looking for bargains or they are looking for some sort of stand out feature, be it good service or that special theme or niche you can provide. This is an encouraging development for independent coffee retailers at the expense of the big chains.Among other coffee shop ideas that you can consider is to focus on Espresso. Research has shown that high quality espresso is a massive factor in getting customers to come back. So if you really are a coffee lover who wants high quality or exotic beverages to be your niche, then you should definitely consider making espresso sales a big part of your plan.

There are literally thousands of coffee shop ideas out there that have yet to see the light of day. So go out there and do it!