How to differentiate between authentic and duplicate Woodland boots?

There are so many different places where the duplicates of woodland boots are being sold on the place of the authentic ones at the same prices. They make the exact look-alikes of the originals and sell them through many sources in the market at the original prices. You need to be very careful before buying boots and make sure that you are not being fooled. The market is full of sellers who sell these duplicate shoes and it can be sometimes very hard to find the original ones. Here are few things to be noticed before buying your pair of original woodland boots and avoid paying for duplicates.

  1. Stitching

This is one of the easiest ways to judge if the boots are original woodland or just a fake. The stitching done in your shoes should be very consistent and should not be broken anywhere. If there are frays n the stitching then the pair is definitely a fake. You should also notice the thread used for the stitching as the thread should be very less visible if the boots are original. In case of duplicate boots, the thread used looks clumsy and overused.

  1. Leather Vs Rexine

In case you are buying a pair of leather shoes then it becomes very easy to differentiate between a fake and an original. The original woodland boots will have the original leather used in them and the fake ones will have only rexine. It is not very difficult to judge the material if it is leather or rexine. This way you can easily find the original one for yourself.

  1. Fastenings

The boots which have zippers in it are easy to be differentiated between fake and original. As if the fastenings used are not original then they may have a glossy painted finish and may look a little odd. The original woodland boots are very subtle in look and they always use the matt looking simple zippers and other fastenings in them. They are very easy to be recognized.

  1. Buttons

This is very much like recognizing from the fastenings. It is very well known that the woodland boots are very subtle in look and they do not use heavy and colorful buttons in them. If you see bigger and shinier buttons in the boots then they are definitely not the original woodland boots. This is one of the easiest ways to find out the right place to buy your woodland shoes and avoid being fooled by the fakes.

  1. Logo

The woodland logo is very well known and the fact is that no fake shoemakers can actually forge the original logo of woodland. The woodland logo is of green color and has a tree pattern in it and it is very easy to differentiate the original from the fake. The original woodland shoes have a very small and mostly hidden and it is very easy to understand if it is real or not. You can also scratch the logo on the boots a little bit to see if it is falling off or not. In case of the original woodland shoes, the logo will never come out.

  1. Material

The best way to find out that the boots you are buying are original or fake is by checking the material used in them. You can look at the soul of the boots and judge if it is really strong or not. The woodland shoes are famous for being extra strong and it is not a tough task to identify the fake one. You should prefer buying your shoes from the original woodland store to avoid being fooled.