Is swaddling safe for babies? When to stop swaddling?

Babies usually do not sleep with blankets, so swaddling is dangerous? Swaddling is not safe, but the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says that if used properly and in compliance with other sleep safety guidelines, your baby swaddle can help better tie himself to his chest. When sleeping, blankets that are too loose or too loose will cover the newborn’s face and make them feel cold.

Since babies wrapped in blankets are more likely to sleep well, this risk is more complicated. Swaddle blankets are not suitable to snug, particularly around the hips of your infant. The swaddle blanket should not be too tight, especially around the baby’s thigh. A thick swaddle blanket presses your legs on the unnaturally straight hips, joints and cartilage.

There are some predominant safety tips to keep in mind. Comfortable but not too tight diapers:  There should be two to three fingers above the diaper between the blanket and the baby’s chest. Keep your baby’s legs bent and wide.

Always let your baby lie on his back:

Whether you use diapers or not, it is the safest. Do not forget to put away the lower part of the baby blanket.

Keep your baby cool:

Changing diapers can cause overheating, which increases the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Maintain a comfortable room temperature (68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit) throughout the year and resist the urge to wrap your baby a few more layers: pajamas and baby swaddle blankets will make him feel comfortable. Sweating, damp hair, red cheeks, prickly heat, and shortness of breath are all possible fever symptoms in newborns.

Night sleeping swaddles and napping:

Changing diapers day and night can help babies sleep healthier. If you hang him on a small burrito for a few hours a day, he will worry and understand you. You stay safe and sleep at night. Changing a diaper is no more dangerous than taking a nap. You can also follow her at any time because she often wakes up to eat. However, looking at the blanket while you sleep can make you feel more at ease and look at it more regularly.

When to stop swaddling?

Swaddling may be a great way for babies to stop wrapping. But for older children who can pull out of the blanket, it can be dangerous. Swaddling can also hinder older children from using necessary motor skills, thereby affecting their healthy development. At what age should I stop changing diapers? Once your baby becomes more active and starts to turn around, you should stop changing diapers to stop changing diapers but usually after about 3-4 months. It is a great moment.

Swaddling may at first seem scary, but rest assured: parents wrap their baby to sleep for years, and you can also quickly master your technique with so many practice chances.

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