Spice up your home with wooden bouquets

When your feet have recovered from dancing the night away and the confetti has been cleared it is the time to preserve the magic of your special day. As the height of the wedding season gets down, the newlywed couple fined many leftovers of their wedding day including leftover cake, leftover alcohol, and stationary. But the most prominent and beautiful leftover of your big day is your floral arrangements and bouquets.

It is painful to dispose of thousands of dollars you invested in wedding flower arrangements after single-day celebrations, but wise couples choose the option of wooden bouquets and sola flower arrangements instead of real flowers. Brides show more concern to preserve their bridal bouquet and flower arrangements and luckily in case of choosing the option of wooden bouquets and flowers they have a variety of options to use these flowers more appropriately and amazingly.

Ways to use wooden bouquets cleverly:

There is so much more you can do instead of popping the wooden bouquet in a vase.

  • Use quirky containers:

Instead of decorating all the wooden bouquets in vases use some candleholders, decoration stands and cups for small wooden flowers and old vine bottles can hold individual stems. You can divide traditional bouquets to arrange out of separate containers.

  • Flower a work of art:

The durability of wooden flowers allows uniquely creating art to exhibit them. Encase wooden flowers in a glass cloche, place them in mounted wooden boxes or hang them in wall baskets, shelves, and hanging planters.

  • Add colors everywhere:

Most people choose to place flowers in their living and dining rooms, but having a bulk of wooden bouquets allows you to change up your rooms. Simply add some wooden flower bouquets in your kitchen and bathroom without getting worried about wilting and allergy issues.

  • Flower center of attention:

You have centerpieces and table arrangements of wooden bouquets and you can simply use these bouquets as the centerpiece of your room. Proudly display your clever choice of wooden flower bouquets on cake stands, in striking chandeliers, and test tube chandeliers to make your blooms grab attention.

  • Go all out:

Go bold with your variety of sola wood flowers and make your home a flower wonderland. Create a walkway full of draping flowers and dedicate a specific area in your house to create an array of flowers display.

  • Use DIY skills:

With a bit of creativity use your DIY skills and upcycle your flower pots and vase to give oomph to wooden flower arrangements. Knit a cover for the wooden bouquet, paint vase with vibrant colors, or use accessories like ribbons and buttons to spice up the floral details of your creative project.

  • Be clever:

Use your creativity cleverly to introduce flowers to your home. Display succulent with flowers, use a variety of textures, and display flowers arranged from one color to another.

Wooden bouquets and floral arrangements are durable and this quality provides these flowers a long-lasting life. WOODFLOWERS.COM offers you a variety of wooden bouquets for special events and you can use these pieces of art in many ways to enhance the beauty of your home.