The Three Categories of Sports Bra at 6th Street

It has now become a common fact that wearing a sports bra when performing sports and another heavy physical activity is now a must. However, did anyone know that for different physical activities there are different types of a sports bra? For gym their different, for playing sports they are different and for running they are different. It is important to know all these differences so that you can make the right choice. 6th street has a large collection of sports bras from Calvin Klein which are available in different types for different activities. They are a bit on the pricey side, however, with the use of 6th Street discount code you can avail excellent discounts on your purchases.

The First Type

Three types of sports bra are available. The categories are low impact, medium impact, and high impact. Selecting the right category for the type of activity you are doing is very important. The low impact sports bras are perfect for low impact activities and also daily use. For example, if you are plain walking, cycling, skating with our skates, or skating on the ice ring then using the low impact sports bra is the best. These bras support the breasts, however, doesn’t compress them since these activities don’t make your breasts bounce a lot with the motion. You can also wear this bra for your daily routine, especially when traveling in public transport with bumpy roads or going to educational institutes. Head over to 6th Street and get yourself a low impact bra for your daily routine activities at a great price with the use of the 6th Street discount code.

Medium Impact – The Second Type

The second category of the sports bra is the medium impact. These sports bras are perfect when you are out cycling, walking in a speed, climbing up and down, skiing on a slope, skating using a skateboard, or going for a swim. These sports provide complete support to your breasts, back and shoulder so that they remain in a proper posture and also eliminates the bouncing effect of the breasts while compressing them. These medium impacts sports bra can also work as a minimizer for women who have bigger breasts and are not comfortable with their size. To get your hands on some amazing medium impact sports bra from Calvin Klein, head out to 6th Street and use the 6th Street discount code to avail some amazing discounts on these medium impact sports bras.

High Impact

The third category is the high impact sports bra. This sports bra is perfect women who are into sports and gym. When playing sports such as cricket, basketball, volleyball, throw ball, and other similar sports you tend to move a lot and so does your breasts. The high impact bras provide complete compression to your upper body which includes the back, chest, and shoulders keeping your posture right and giving you zero movement on the breasts area. The high impact bras are also perfect if you work out at the gym or are a dancer. Use the 6th Street discount code to get the Calvin Klein high impact bra at a good rate.