What are Possible Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Laser hair removal can bring satisfaction to those people who want their hair removed on a certain part of their body. However, laser hair removal also has side effects as any other procedures available in the market. Here are some of the laser hair removal side effects.

Laser hair removal side effects could be temporary or even permanent. Pain is the very first laser hair removal side effect which is experienced by the patient. Pain can be experienced during and after the laser hair removal procedure. Numbing creams and other pain reliever could help ease the pain suffered by the patient. However, numbing creams should not be that strong as this can already harm the patient.

The patient may also develop swelling, redness and itching on the area which has undergone the laser treatment. Blistering and allergy are also some of the temporary side effects of the laser hair removal.

Topical ointments may also be used to lessen the effects on the areas affected. Hyperpigmentation or temporary skin darkening and hypopigmentation, the opposite of hyperpigmentation, can also occur on the affected area of the laser hair removal. Hypopigmentation can be treated by other laser treatments while you can just wait for the hyperpigmentation to fade.

Serious side effects may also occur in the area which has been subjected to laser hair removal. Changes on the skin pigment are a serious side effect which can develop after the laser hair removal procedure. The skin may develop discoloration which can be permanent where no other laser treatment could treat the discoloration. The skin may be permanently dark or light. Burns and scars may also develop after the procedure when the laser hair removal was not properly done.

Such permanent effects may cause emotional and social impact to the person who has suffered from these side effects. Instead of gaining more self-confidence and satisfaction after the hair removal procedure, they may end up having regrets, losing self-confidence and having low self-esteem.

How to treat laser hair removal side effects

These laser hair removal side effects could occur during or after the laser hair removal. You could use creams, ointments or other laser procedure to minimize the side effects of it. However, such laser hair removal side effects could also be prevented if you would take some steps after or even before the procedure.

Such steps include: taking care of your skin and talking to the person who will do the hair removal for you. Even before the hair removal procedure, you should already tell the practitioner about skin conditions you might have, so that the proper kind of laser hair removal procedure will be done.

Generally, you should also ask the practitioner about the things that you should do after the treatment. The success of the laser hair removal procedure will also depend on the way you protect your skin from factors which may lessen the best results of the treatment such as directly going out in the sunlight unprotected and removing the hair from the area before the procedure.

Hopefully you found this an interesting and informative article with tips to avoid laser hair removal side effects.