What are the Differences Between Regular Towels and Microfiber? 

Most of the regular towels that you can get in the market can either be of cotton or a blend of cotton and wool. These materials are normally used by people because they can easily absorb moisture from the body and also are quite durable. However, they can be damaging to your hair.

Wovii Towels that are available in the market are very soft and can quickly absorb moisture from our body and they use microfiber. You can conveniently use them as soon as you come out of the swimming pool.

Let us try to understand the difference between these regularly available towels with microfiber towels.

  1. Material

Most of the towels that you will get are made of cotton or a blend of cotton and wool combined. This kind of towel is nice for soaking up water from our skin very easily without any issue. However, for our hair, they may not be very suitable.

In case of microfiber, the material used is normally made of polyamide and polyester. This material is just only one part because of what it makes microfiber towels a little different.

Microfiber material is a little soft as compared to cotton and hence makes it ideal for drying our hair without any added friction. However, in comparison to cotton, it may not be as long-lasting or sturdy as cotton. This is one only big drawback as far as microfiber material is concerned.

  1. Manufacturing

Regular towels are usually woven by using a looser framework and hence it can cause more friction when you try to use them in your dry hair. Microfiber towels on the other hand are made by using very finer loops that are woven in tighter and smaller groups.

Due to this reason, microfiber towels are quite smooth in our hair and can easily glide across when you try to wipe your wet hair.

  1. Water test

A microfiber towel of high quality can absorb spills for many reasons. So, you can do a water test to check if a microfiber towel is absorbent.

  • Pour water on the flat and smooth surface
  • Place a microfiber cleaning towel and try to clean the surface by slowly sliding it towards water
  • Just observe how the towel will interact with the water. Whether it sucks it up almost like a vacuum or push the water away?
  • Whether it wicks through the towel quickly?

In case of a normal towel, you will not find this kind of absorbent quality.

  1. Gram per square meter

Another way of comparing these two types of towels is by the grams per square meter or GSM of both the towels. Actually, GSM is used as one of the parameters used for differentiating between regular cotton towels and microfiber towels.

The quality of any towel is generally decided by using this parameter of GSM.  The higher the value GSM, it will be considered as the better. In the case of a microfiber towel, the GSM value tends to be quite higher than any regular towels because their fibres are very closer to each other.

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